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Not sure what to post on social media to get more sales? Get daily content prompts to convert your audience into clients.

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Tired of scratching your head trying to come up with the perfect content ideas?

We’ve been there too.

Wondering what to say and how to get people to pay attention to our business was a struggle at first. After years of learning what it takes to succeed with social media marketing, we want to make your life and business easier.

Get new social media content prompts every day starting at $34/month!

Saving you time, energy, and money by helping you create engaging content for your audience to build relationships, earn their trust, and get more clients.

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Start creating consistent and engaging content for your social media with customizable content prompts delivered to your inbox daily.

Stop wasting time wondering what to post online and show up for your business every day.

Customers buy more from brands they follow

Content marketing is the #1 way to build trust and industry authority to encourage customers to buy from you.

More clients are looking online for validation

More than 94% of customers who hired a professional service this year used social media to decide who to hire.

Content marketing drives customer retention

Brands that effectively implement content marketing are 60% more likely to have repeat and referral business.

Create content that gets clients

Imagine knowing exactly what to say to get more clients.

Instead of spending hours staring at your computer, waiting for the perfect words to come to mind and watching your competition rake in new leads every time they show up on social media, you are the one that clients line up around the block to work with.

Building a personal brand on social media is hard.

There’s a fine line between transparency and oversharing, vulnerability and whining, and lead generation and desperation.

With Content Prompts, you never have to worry about that again.

Every day, you receive a prompt to point your content in the right direction. The prompts will navigate you through the four steps of the consumer journey, making it easy to relate to your audience and convert them into paying clients.


The first introduction someone has to your brand.


Getting to know your brand and establishing trust


Trust your brand enough to buy from your business


Happy clients who give repeat and referral business

With the right content, you’ll change their lives and leave a long-lasting impact on the world by sharing your story. Not to mention, grow a successful and sought-after business at the same time.

Content Prompts are designed to make showing up easy so you can build a strong brand and help your clients succeed.

The stronger your brand and the more relatable you are to your ideal client, the more they want to work with you. When it comes to doing business, people do business with people. Specifically, they spend their money with people they know, like, and trust. Build your authority and the relationships you have with your audience through creative content designed to connect with their needs and showcase your service as the solution to their problems.

What our clients are saying

Genius idea and a great way to come up with content without me wondering for ages what to write. You guys are awesome. I create a post every day with your prompts. So helpful.

Emma Hammond

The Queen of Automation

Really love how this applies for all niches imaginable! I’d highly recommend this for any businesses that are looking to get in a habit of creating content on a regular basis (but often get stuck on what to write about).

Clair Kim

CEO, Clairly Designed

Thank you content prompt. This has given me the extra motivation to consistently bring content to my social media pages. Appreciate the service.

Joe Mousakheel

Owner, Compare All Solar

Why use content prompts

Content Prompts was created to make your life easier. Instead of staring at your screen wondering what to post, we give you exactly what you need to get started creating content. Every day, you’ll receive a brand new prompt that will tell you exactly what to post on social media. We’ve taken every step of the consumer journey into consideration to help you nurture your audience and turn passive connections into active and engaged clients ready to use your service and refer your business.


Save time

Stop staring at your screen wondering what to post on social media. We save you time by sending you exactly what you need to create engaging content for your social media to stay active and authentic.

New ideas every day

Feeling like a broken record repeating the same thing over and over again? We make sure your prompts encourage diversity in your content so you’re engaging and don’t bore your audience with the same old.

Keeping you consistent

The best way to dominate social media algorithms is to consistently create diverse content that gets attention. We help you stay in your audience’s newsfeeds by consistently delivering awesomeness.

Who is Content Prompts for

Our content prompts are created with every step of the consumer journey in mind to make sure that your content will help you make new connections, build your authority as an expert, nurture connections to create strong customer relationships, and get more clients!

Content Prompts work best for service-based businesses but can be customized to suit any business in any niche.

Whether you’re a real estate agent, multi-level marketer, graphic designer, digital agency, or any other service-based business, Content Prompts helps you create engaging content for your social media that gets results.

What you get with Content Prompts

We’ve created a day-by-day system to keep you motivated and make sure you never run out of content ideas. It is crucial that you show up on social media every day to build your business’ presence and establish better relationships with your network so they feel comfortable and excited to work with you. Content Prompts sends you exactly what you need to get started creating content and showing up for your audience every single day. You’ll never have to worry about what to post again!


Daily Content Prompts

Every day, you’ll receive a new content prompt to engage your audience and earn their business. Create unique content using our amazing and innovative ideas to get more sales from your audience.

Exclusive Trainings

Not only do you get daily business prompts, but access to exclusive Q&A sessions with content marketing experts and support to improve your content using your daily prompts.

Client Community

When you register for Content Prompts, you will receive access to our exclusive client community where we share essential tips to create amazing content and connect you with support.

The Content Prompts Blog

Frequently asked questions

Are all the prompts unique?

You will never get the same prompt twice. Though some may be similar, we’ve stacked our prompts in a way that gets you the best results by affirming the four steps of the consumer journey: discovery, consideration, conversion, and retention.

New connections won’t see most of your old content so we’ve set up our prompts to keep the most important details of your business active to help you build relationships with your audience faster.

If you ever receive a duplicate, you can email and we’ll sort it our immediately!

Does everyone get the same prompts?

No two posts using Content Prompts will be exactly alike. We’ve created our prompts to give you the starting points, but it’s up to you to tell your story.

We’re tired of seeing the content systems that share the exact same stuff to all their clients so we help you create your own message by inspiring ideas in alignment with the way consumers look for and buy services.

To take it a step further, we send prompts based on a performance sequence. So you will not receive the same prompt as all of our clients on the same day. This makes sure that there is even more diversity in the content created using Content Prompts!

What is your cancellation policy?

You can cancel or change your subscription by emailing We need 30 days notice to process a cancellation so please let us know as soon as you decide you’d like to make a change.

How do I know this service will work for my business?

We created Content Prompts to suit service-based businesses. The prompts you receive are entirely customizable to ensure that our service fits any business.

Some of our clients include realtors, MLM representatives, digital marketers, consultants, coaches, athletic trainers, and more.

However, the prompts will only work for you if you put them to work. That means putting in the effort to showing up for your audience every day. We’ll help you never run out of ideas and give you the structure you need to nurture your contacts, but success is in your hands.

Is there a trial or refund period?

Yes! You will have seven days from the time you sign up to decide whether Content Prompts is right for you. 

You can cancel and will receive a full refund at any time during your first seven days. After the seven day trial period, you will need to follow our cancellation policy and provide 30 days notice to cancel your subscription.

How does the subscription work?

As soon as you sign up, you will be billed for the first month of service. Thereafter, you will be billed on the same day every month.

So if you sign up on the 14th of the month, your billing dates will consistently be the 14th.

I didn't receive my prompts!

There’s a chance your emails were sent to spam land so make sure to check your junk box first. If they aren’t there, send us an email immediately to so we can fix the problem and make sure you’re set up properly!