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There’s a lot that goes into social media content marketing to make it effective. It’s not about posting whatever you feel in the moment, it’s taking a strategic approach to nurturing your connections through their consumer journey and getting them to a place where they’re ready to pull the trigger and buy from you.

Sounds like hard work, right?

Truthfully, it is. But there are many things you can do to improve your content, build stronger relationships, and make more sales.

Here are four tricks to help you create social media content that converts your audience into paying clients:

Always have a purpose

Don’t put out content for the sake of posting. Each piece of social media content that you publish should have a clear and defined purpose that speaks to your audience at a specific stage of their consumer journey. How-tos and information pieces speak to people in the discovery phase whereas personal stories speak to the consideration phase. You need a plan in place to effectively reach and convert your audience into paying clients. This means only publishing with intention, not just for the sake of it.

Be a human being

Your content must adapt to suit the platform it’s being published on. With social media, that typically involves using more conversational language to engage your audience. Imagine having a face-to-face with your ideal client before you hit post.

Content that comes across as too polished or perfect performs poorly against content that is structured using casual language and that may have a few discreet grammatical errors in the final copy. In the world of social media, people want to engage with their peers as if they were having drinks at the bar.

Stop using “really” in your content

This is a really boring adjective. See what I did there? How much more impact would the sentence have had on you if instead I said “This is an outstandingly boring adjective.” Really really is the death of your sentence’s power and impact. If you want to emphasize something, get creative. There are so many words in the dictionary that do a better job at conveying significance in your social media content.

Showing up is key

The lifespan of a social media post is comparable to the capacity of a goldfish’s memory—next to nothing. Once your post graces your audience’s newsfeed, you have mere seconds to grab their attention and pull them in. When they scroll past, it’s gone forever—or at least that piece of content is irrelevant to them and unlikely to show up again unless they engaged with it. 

Consistency helps more of your content show up in their feed on a regular basis. The more your audience sees and recognizes your name, the higher chance you have at your first few lines capturing their attention.

Content creation is the easiest way to build an audience, earn their trust, and make more sales. Content marketing is responsible for a 60% increase in customer retention when compared to other marketing methods. It is imperative that you have a strategy to get attention and nurture your audience, even after they’ve bought from you to secure both repeat and referral business.

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